Good Omen Goodeze Charter

This charter establishes a set of principles as a guide for GOG members to facilitate our mission to provide comfort care items to those in need within the Canberra Health network; to provide personalised stitching for wellness programs to the Canberra community; and to offer a safe and inclusive space for members to express their creativity; volunteer their time and resources; and develop positive relationships within the community.  

GOG members display behaviour that shows integrity, kindness, and compassion. 


‘Providing warmth and comfort for those in need, one stitch at a time.’ 


Good Omen Goodeze is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance health/social or public welfare by operating a community shed to: 

  • bring comfort to people in need in the Canberra Community in the form of handcrafted comfort care items;
  • connect people across the Canberra community through a culture of inclusion and acceptance of diversity while creating handcrafted comfort care items;
  • provide craft related wellbeing programs for community groups, schools, government agencies and the private sector across Canberra;
  • connect with complementary charity organisations for the benefit of the broader community;
  • improve the health of community members who are at risk of health issues arising from loneliness and isolation;
  • facilitate programs that address mental, physical, and emotional health issues;
  • provide meaningful activities where people can participate in the company of others to relieve isolation and loneliness;
  • undertake charitable activities for the benefit of the broader community.



GOG will: 

  • provide a safe and inclusive environment for its members to gather and create hand crafted comfort care items for the Canberra Health Services. 
  • support and uphold diversity and inclusivity within the GOG community (e.g., racial, gender or religious).
  • provide an opportunity for members to connect, learn new skills, and express their creativity at their own pace.
  • where possible, provide resources (yarn, tools, and materials) for members to create handcrafted items for comfort care.
  • distribute the goods created by members to maximise their impact and benefit for the wellbeing of patients, family, and staff within the Canberra Health Services system .
  • support and network with other charities where possible and appropriate.
  • establish and support enrichment programs in collaboration with schools and other community organisations.
  • through the volunteer coordinator within the Canberra Health Network, provide a personalised service for in-patients and their family members. 


Members of GOG will:

  • freely express their creativity to foster diversity and choice (‘Make what you love, and someone will love what you make’).
  • demonstrate kindness and respect to all members and promote the welfare of members by positively acknowledging their creativity and efforts.
  • welcome and support new and prospective members.
  • strengthen GOG through positive communication that adheres to the GOG vision, while raising feedback and constructive ideas with the GOG leadership group.
  • use resources provided by GOG for creating comfort items for distribution through GOG.
  • commit to the GOG requirements for cataloguing, safety checks, labelling and distribution of handmade comfort items.
  • in the context of GOG community stitching for wellness projects for example: GOG Stitching for Mindfulness, Community Threads Project etc., members will:
    • respect the privacy of participant confidentiality and adhere to the ACT Health Services Volunteer Code of Practice where applicable.
    • represent GOG in a manner that embodies compassion, integrity, positivity, and teamwork.
    • be required to wear clean, neat, and tidy attire and use appropriate language. 
    • honour and respect decisions made by the GOG Committee.