Shared blanket of the month information

GOG proudly creates a team “Blanket of the Month” in which members of the GOG community will create crocheted or knitted squares of size: 15cm x 15cm. These squares are artfully joined together by our lovely Mary-Ann, forming a blanket that can be donated to patients in Canberra Hospital. Each Month has a theme or colour scheme which the squares can fit into


Did somebody say Christmas? Christmas is such a lovely time of the year to share the love! We have decided to have Christmas as our theme for these two months! Just a reminder that squares must have 15cm sides, be made with acrylic yarn, and have the ends worked in. 
Breast Cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Early Diagnosis increases treatment options and chances of survival.  In readiness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month the September BOM is pink!


With the Australian footy season coming to an end, It’s time for some Aussie footy pride! Grab your footy spirit, and your acrylic yarns in the colours of your fave footy teams, and get granny sqauring. We can’t wait to see this colourful footy blanket come together in the end!


It can be easy to feel a little down during the cold winter months, so here at Good Omen Goodeze we’re bringing out the festive cheer with an X-mas in July theme. Get ready to bring out all of your leftover Christmas coloured acrylic yarns, and get granny squaring! We can’t wait to see the blanket come together!


We’re all feeling the freezing cold beginning to our Canberra winter, and we ask our GOG group to channel the icy energy into a beautiful Winter textures blanket. We’re looking for winter colours and winter textures (it’s time to bring out the fluffy yarn!). Once again we ask everyone to use acrylic yarn, and to sew in there ends. We can’t wait to see your squares!

May 2022: NURSE’S BLUE

In celebration of the fantastic nurses that make our Good Omen Goodeze jouney possible, we are excited to make out Nurse’s blue blanket of the month. Inspired by the shades of nurses scrubs, we ask members to crochet their granny squares with acrylic yarns in different shades of blue. As usual, we also ask members to sew in their ends. We can’t wait to see this month’s masterpiece!


We are getting ready to embrace some GOG pride with our GOG themed Blanket of the Month! Refer to the gorgeous GOG logo’s deep green and vibrant purple

We ask that all squares be made using acrylic yarn, with the ends sewn in, so that our blanket can be assembled nice and quickly. Well done to everyone for completing our Easter Masterpiece!


This month we are preparing for Easter with beautiful pastel creations. Envision the gentle pigments of white egg shells soaked in the colours of the rainbow. 

We ask that all squares be made using acrylic yarn, with the ends sewn in, so that our blanket can be assembled nice and quickly. Well done to everyone for completing February!

February 2022: SHADES OF GREY

This month is all about understated classics. Grey is solid, calm and composed, providing relief from the chaotic world. Its quiet and subdued nature is sure to make a very elegant blanket of the month. 

Members can experiment with different shades and textures of grey acrylic yarn. Squares can be knitted and crocheted throughout February, and submitted at working bees and other social events.  We can’t wait to see it all come together. 

Janurary 2022: MEMBERS CHOICE

This month we encourage members to embrace individuality! Whether you want to make a classic granny square, or a crazy colourful textural extravaganza, just make sure your square is within our size dimensions, and it will be featured in January’s block of the month

Members can make their squares at home, and hand them in at group working bees or other social events. We are looking forward to seeing what our creative members come up with!