GOG Pink Fundraiser Highlights 2022!

Pink Fundraiser Highlights of the day!
  • Baby GOG draws the first raffle ticket of the day….and draws out her own! 
  • Alex guesses the number of chains in the chain ball exactly, by using her DOB! 
  • Inaugural Ball Rolling competition – Margaret proves that green does go faster! (You have to watch the video with sound on…in a quiet place!)
  • Little miss and master both stick with it and finish rolling their balls completely on their own!
  • Best dressed on the day went jointly to Alex and Vicki….but special mention should go to Marnie who ‘pinked’ everyone up that she hugged!!
  • ‘Livvie’ makes her debut thanks to Barb! and we see another massive mountain of ‘Goodies’ from the most amazing and generous group of people I know! 
Huge thanks to everyone who got involved and made our day so special! On the day we welcomed GOGs from everyone one of our groups – Taylor, Dickson, and ANU Thrive and raised a whopping $1050!! If you’d still like to donate and would like to, the fundraising page will be up for another week.

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