Craft and Convo – 11th March

A slightly smaller group assembled at Taylor this afternoon…. possibly the threat of thunderstorms keeping our numbers down this week. 🌧⛈⚡️Enthusiasm however wasn’t dampened by the weather and some beautiful projects were shown off this week once again! Surekha who is making a beautiful rug of large granny squares, Naoko Winter who is taking on a ‘twisty shawl’ after so many Goodie Dolls and squares, Henri who has now completed ‘Mardi’ her very first Gogster, Lisa Ncs who is on the way to finishing her first mini Gogster 😉, Kat Loaiza del Pozo with as stunning ‘fancy yarn rug’ and our newest member who is taking on knitting for the very first time! Kathryn, Jane, Zoe and Kat as always, here to support our new members! 🥰💕 So much progress and so much fun! Well done everyone!😍

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