Craft & Convo

There are so many joys associated with being part of GOG. Obviously making and donating something I know will be precious to someone who needs it is so rewarding, but the joy I feel when I’m ‘teaching’ or passing on skills, knowledge and the love I have of crafting is definitely up there and an unforeseen gift to me!

Our C&C afternoons at Taylor have for the past couple of years, helped me to hone my needle-craft teaching skills as well as introducing me to some beautiful ladies who are passionate about giving back to the community, and I’ve loved every minute of the small but fun sessions. An hour and a half is never enough and it’s always hard to leave!

The ladies have returned this year with completed blankets, Gogsters, Goodie Dolls and are all super keen to learn new stitches and patterns! So excited for the rest of this term and what these lovely ladies will achieve!😍

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