GOG Workingbee – 21 June 2022

Take a look at how GOG members were busy working on the BOM (Blanket of the Month) and other projects during the workingbee last Saturday! We had a very large group joining us at the ANU- thanks to everyone for coming! We hope everyone enjoyed some part of the three hours, whether it was learning a new skill, having a new conversation with the person sitting next to you, or just some new Disney music you’ve never heard! 
Our Executive Officer and Founder of GOG, Mary, had also presented prizes to some of our winners of this year’s Gogster competition! Congratulations again to everyone who won and don’t forget- it is time to put your thinking caps on for next year’s entries! 
The dates for our Working Bees for the rest of the year are now officially locked in. Please click on the links below for more details. You could always find the event on our Facebook page and register on Eventbrite.
The next GOG Working Bee will be on Sunday 3 July, see you then!

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