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Friday afternoon a small group of GOG Mentors met at the Street Theatre Café to promote our wellbeing project to students of ANU. It was such a joy to see so many students interested, with around 40 joining us for two hours of fun and creativity! Students of all levels, from beginners right through to experienced. It was also great to see some of our students return to us after the summer break, all bearing gifts of squares to be added to our Project Blanket!! It won’t be long before we have enough to start joining them together and then the even greater joy of gifting it to the ICU! 😍

The excitement and genuine joy of the students at the end of the session was infectious and left us all on a real high! The feedback at the end of the event was incredibly heart-warming with many speaking to me about how strongly they connected with our ‘mission’. It’s not just the love of learning a new skill or being creative that seems to draw people to GOG, but the deep connection they feel towards giving and supporting others in need.

The Project will recommence in early March and we will be sending out further details in the coming week. If any GOG members would like to come along to any of our project workshops, please complete the Mentor Application form on the GOG website and you will receive details of each session. It’s an amazing experience and you won’t regret it! 😁

A huge thank you to Madhur from ANU Thrive and to Asha from ANU+ for their ongoing support of GOG and of course our brilliant GOG Mentors who are always there to give their time so generously and freely for us. 🥰💜💜

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