GOG Appreciation Post

This morning Kat, Susan and I were grateful to be invited to the Hospital Foundation “Crafters Thank You Morning Tea” at the Hellenic Club on your behalf. We were touched by the sincere gratitude expressed by The Foundation as well as some grateful representatives of the Canberra Health Services. We heard several powerful stories that were shared by Maureen O’Brien from Palliative Care about the impact of our Goodies in her area. She began her speech with “The word ‘Craft’ means more than I first realised….It also means strength, power and might….”

She went on to say, “Do you know when you stitch, pin and click away, do you know that you are giving of yourself and giving strength to the recipients of your craft…your knitted and crafted goods give strength and that is obvious in the works and also in the feel of the little goods. It’s clear to us nurses that the many goods we receive from you via the Foundation, reflect facets of you the creator – we feel your love, kindness, and strength in your work as we offer them to the clients.”Maureen also mentioned how important the ‘GOG’ tags were as she said she always shows the recipients the tag and explains what a ‘Good Omen’ this item is for them!🥰

We also heard the impact our small Goodie Dolls and Amigurumi are having at the Covid testing and vaccine sites, on the many children attending with families. They calm, distract and bring happiness to what can otherwise be a very distressing time.I also have to mention how privileged we were to be treated with a beautiful ‘performance’ by Alison Ware, Therapeutic Harp Aust, throughout the morning.

So, thank you to all you Goodeze out there for the love, kindness and ‘strength’ that you stitch into each of your very special Goodies, whether it be a square, beanie, blanket, Goodie Doll, Gogster, toy, slippers, shawl or any other item that you craft on behalf of GOG! 🥰💕

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