GOG Vax Challenge Wrapping Party!

Hello GOGs, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday, ready for the weekend.😍
Yesterday we had a small wrapping (party) ‘working bee’ of the small Vax Toy Challenge. As a community we’ve so far had just over 1000 toys gifted! 🥰 It’s an incredible effort by everyone! We’ve had some incredible feedback about how effective they have been so far, and have helped so many children get their vaccine, but also how they help parents and very importantly, medical staff. We’ve also had feedback that the Worry Worms have been a great hit and that the nurses have especially loved the Worry Worms with the squishy bobble stuffed head. So, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, give it a shot💉😉 As you can see, I’ve had fun playing with size and texture! 😁
Thank you GOGs for everything you do for the community.❤
Stay safe and keep on stitching.

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