✨ New Year 2024 ✨

The laughter and chatter was flowing thick and fast as members of the GOG tribe gathered in Dickson’s tradies for a New Year get together. 🎉 It was lovely to have new members, as well as ‘old hands,’ gather to welcome another year of making and giving. 🤗
Many members of the tribe took the opportunity to indulge in treats from the restaurant, cafe, and bar to keep them fueled as they knitted, hooked, and nattered. 🍽️☕🧶
As expected after the Christmas/New Year break, the donations table was heavily laden with rugs, goodie toys, and toys of all sizes, showing that members certainly hadn’t been idle over the break. 🎁🧸
Mary reminded members it was time to renew their membership so as to continue to get free access to all of the GOG resources, including supplies to work into donations. 💳 She also put out the call for animal/pet-themed goodies which are always a hit, fiddle toys for the Walk-in Centres, and Fiddle Muffs and larger soft toys attached to muffs which the ambulance and dementia teams find especially calming for patients. 🐾🚑💕

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